Crawford Womens 2017 winter trends

The selection of the world’s top famous boutique department store Lane Crawford fashion item, showing 2017 women’s winter trends. Today, fashion is full of desire to express their demands: from the slogan on the designer to spare no effort to express their minds, dare to subvert the inherent rules of the brand, created the best era declaration. The global fashion brands carefully assembled, Crawford recommended for you to be aware of the other title this season.
Crawford Womens 2017 winter trends

连卡佛2017 女装秋冬潮流趋势
New inheritance
The fashion world is drawing inspiration from the rich fabric of men’s wardrobes, elaborately tailored for women. Scotland grid, Argyle, maxmara, square and tweed are leading this season a hundred responses to a single call, fashion trend trend. The wave and print patterns also have a sense of story, so that we can’t choose between them and the grid.
Crawford Womens 2017 winter trends
Stella McCartney
Crawford Womens 2017 winter trends
Victoria Beckham
Crawford Womens 2017 winter trends
Crawford Womens 2017 winter trends
C dricCharlier
Street Manifesto
All brands have gone back to 90s, and the strong return of slogans and LOGO gives you the opportunity to print your thoughts on your chest. Sometimes it is a playful pun, sometimes rebellious as if to stir up a revolution – how does one love?
Crawford Womens 2017 winter trends
Alexander Wang
Crawford Womens 2017 winter trends
New clothes claim
This season’s long skirts are more focused on the structure, showing a variety of contours, worn on the body, more free and elegant. Perspective effect, lace, cotton yarn, folds and fine gauze bandage, this beautiful new concept and stop.
Crawford Womens 2017 winter trends
Stella McCartney
Crawford Womens 2017 winter trends

ASICS Arthur, a sports enthusiast, speaks loudly to sports

This summer, the professional sports brand ASICS Arthur, let young dynamic sports enthusiasts voice, with sweat and action to express sports”. On July, 29-30, ASICS Club Arthur landed in Chengdu, inviting enthusiasts to participate in cycling training courses and upgraded ASICS, Sports, running group activities, to share the joy of sports. At the scene of the new GEL-KENUN 2017 series of breathable shoes and apparel has both comfort and sense of fashion and sports performance, interactive training collocation exciting sports, stimulate the pleasure fully and delightfully.
ASICS Arthur’s “confession” to exercise “roadshow products” and “interactive training” two professional experience partitions, and vividly explains the features and design language GEL-KENUN 2017 series of clothing and shoes breathable, at the same time to meet the high demand for sports enthusiasts a sense of fashion, comfort and exercise performance.
ASICS Arthur, a sports enthusiast, speaks loudly to sports

ASICS Arthur, “campaign to show” national roadshow Chengdu Railway Station
“KENUN” comes from the Japanese “into the cloud” is a word meaning, like walking in the air light and comfortable. GEL-KENUN shoes Jacquard Mesh jacquard mesh upper, breathable, sweat absorption, not only to effectively reduce the weight of shoes, and enhance the comfort of clothing, but also enhance the appearance of a sense of flow. 2017 series of clothing with dry Breathable breathable mesh lining reduces friction with the skin, moisture discharging performance superior help the wearer to keep cool and comfortable, ASICS Arthur and logo hexagon single line structure show a concise fashion temperament.
ASICS Arthur, a sports enthusiast, speaks loudly to sports
ASICS Arthur 2017 breathable series clothing display
Enthusiasts can try the site GEL-KENUN shoes and 2017 air series of costumes, experience the movement in the comfortable pleasure IO training area of the elastic rope, pedal, TRX and other professional training equipment to encourage everyone to use cool acid to express movement “; in the” sweat exchange vending machines can run up in GEL-KENUN “to exercise with sweat confession”; and ASICS Arthur DIY, a surprise gift such as punch, let the participants live pictures moment.

Monai MOYNAT Chengdu International Financial Center boutique grand opening

France’s top leather brand – Monai MOYNAT announced on August 2, 2017, China officially stationed in the Chengdu international financial center. After Monai MOYNAT in October 2015 the country’s first boutique in Beijing intime shopping center, the Chengdu International Financial Center for the new store Monai MOYNAT second national boutique shops. Along with the new store grand opening, Monai MOYNAT will be its unique French style and exquisite craftsmanship has a long history to China Chengdu.
Chengdu has a history and tradition, and this Monai MOYNAT strong brand background agree without prior without previous consultation. The Monai MOYNAT Chengdu International Financial Center boutique shops opening activities of the stars, Monai MOYNAT global president Mr. Davin Guillaume, artistic director of Ramesh Nair Mr. love back, with the famous actress Liu Tao held a grand opening ceremony scene Ms. Gongxiangshengju, more numerous brands such as Leaf Greener friends, Mr. Bao, Fan and Amanda S until Anny celebration.

摩奈MOYNAT 成都国际金融中心精品店盛大开幕

JORYA Chengdu Renhe Guanghua shop autumn new appreciation romantic curtain

“She, said, that, she, dance, with, me, if, I, brought, red, roses, cried, the, young, student, but, in, all, my, garden, would, there, is, her, no, red, roes..””
From, her, nest, in, the, tree, the, Nightingale, heard, him, and, she, looked, out, oak, through, the,, leaves, and, wondered.
JORYA 2017 fall series design inspiration from the British opera Wilde, color, profile, process, decorative elements to create a modern woman life elegant ceremony.
Which brand unique exquisite handicrafts making tradition: draping flounces, fine inlay over natural pearls, hand stitching lace, ostrich hair and thin knit mesh gauze process complex, showing Jun Yongzhi beauty precipitation polished after time.
The Pearl grey, deep chestnut, wine red, peacock blue Maserati rich aesthetic artistic color, Jiang the rhythm of the music into the design. A variety of top natural fabrics to create rich layers of texture: heavy silk satin, jacquard Zhijin, 14 micron wool, from ancient European Workshop palace lace, laminated mosaic, progressive interpretation of artistic charm.


COMME MOI to explore female Crawford style self construction Tour

The famous boutique department store again, Lv Yan Crawford brand COMME MOI, during the build Chengdu COMME limited MOI shop. The fashion lovers and fashion opinion leaders will be invited to experience the new autumn and winter products and explore the female style self construction journey.
COMME MOI to explore female Crawford style self construction Tour
COMME MOI “I like” brand is the most famous supermodel Lv Yan was founded in 2013 and in charge of the young designer. When her personal career has not satisfied Lv Yan achieve success and win recognition, the existing achievements, but chose to challenge themselves, to learn from scratch, create a personal fashion brand COMME MOI.
COMME MOI to explore female Crawford style self construction Tour
COMME MOI “I like” brand for young and confident, independent, love unique personal style of female urban fashion brand, the overall style is divided into smart casual and easy chic sports casual simple fashion style, young, at random and with elegant, modern and hidden Wenqi, fresh and mature.
Many stars dressed in COMME MOI or participate in activities, or posing hard photos, classical interpretation, showing women elegant, confident style.

连卡佛携手COMME MOI 探索女性风格自我建构之旅

Skin care customization, high energy, collagen, recombinant facial care

The essence of import – bipolar radiofrequency electromagnetic wave multiple repair essence into the skin, such as Collagen Extract (collagen solution), highly moisturizing, increase skin elasticity and firmness; Ginkgo Extract (Ginkgo solution), effective antioxidant factor, smooth wrinkles and signs of aging.
Double exclusive pet
According to the different problems and needs of the skin, each MTM facial care professional, are carefully selected for you the mix [] the amount of skin customized herbal liquid, to cater to the needs of each unique skin, make the course to maximize effectiveness. In addition, the amount of skin MTM[custom energy facial care with recombinant collagen pure natural collagen mask, skin collagen injection time for nutrient and moisture, through excellent moisturizing and soothing care play energy, even extremely dry skin, also can instantly present moist and plump.
Skin care customization, high energy, collagen, recombinant facial care
Caress skin, perfect detail
Perfect details of MTM take care of the skin, combined with bipolar radiofrequency technology [] launched simultaneously the amount of skin customized energy and energy efficient recombinant collagen eye care recombinant collagen neck care, especially for the eye and neck skin to give a comprehensive repair and care for your young heart remodeling light face.
[energy / skin care] high energy collagen recombinant facial care (duration of treatment 1 hours 30 minutes / RMB 1750)
[[skin care] high energy collagen recombinant eye care (treatment time 1 hours / RMB 950)
[energy customization] high energy collagen recombinant neck care (duration of treatment 1 hours / RMB 950)
MTM[skin customization]
MTM has always insisted on the transfer of the reason for their existence to the customer, since its establishment in 1991, MTM is the pursuit of [] the amount of skin customized makeup beauty. Each person’s skin and students are always very close, as the one and only fingerprint. Rather than saying that MTM is a brand, he says it is a philosophy. MTM thinking and unique angle of view, carefully listen to the skin, the skin texture to crack the secret, ingenuity good will from the Japanese R & D, production in line with the characteristics of Asian skin care products, through professional evaluation, with different extraction solution, the amount of skin [] custom personalized skin care scheme.
MTM has developed personal skin care products, facial care professional, SPA by, TIME by MTM MTM spa medical cosmetology diversified products and services, to become Asia’s premier professional skin care brand coordinates.
Everyone is their own life designer, one person, customized only their own way of skin care.

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